Attract growth and income opportunities with direct and alternative investments.

Our Approach

Active investment management adds great value by enhancing returns and reducing risk.  Active management comes in many forms, different investment mixes and risk profiles.

Our main philosophy is to give clients access to direct and alternative investments within clients’ portfolios that attract great growth and income opportunities.

Importantly for you, we are not attached to any corporate bank or business and have no conflict of interest in the market place.

Angus Stewart Investing is designed on a fee for service model.   The company has its own AFSL which provides greater professionalism in a time of uncertainty with the current revelations coming to light with the royal commission.

Invest in Our Model Portfolios

Our Income portfolio is designed for investors that want to take the volatility out of their portfolio but create solid and reliable passive income. This suits investors with a minimum three-year time frame or those who primarily seek income with some potential for capital growth. This portfolio also suits investors seeking a low level of investment value volatility, and therefore willing to accept lower potential investment performance, hence the high percent exposure to income assets (cash and fixed interest).

Our Balanced portfolio is designed to provide not only long term growth but income going forward. Portfolio weighting is 70% Growth and 30% Defensive assets. This suits investors with a minimum five-year time frame or those who seek both income and capital growth. This portfolio suits investors who desire a modest level of capital stability but are willing to accept moderate investment value volatility in return for commensurate potential investment
performance, hence the 70.0 percent exposure to growth (shares and listed property) and 30.0 percent exposure to income (cash and fixed interest) assets.

Our Growth Portfolio is for long term investors  looking to take advantage of growth opportunities in the market with a 6 to 7 year time frame. This suits investors who are willing to accept high levels of investment value volatility in return for high potential investment performance. The 85.0 percent exposure to growth assets (shares and listed property) means that capital stability is only a minor concern.

Our 100% equities portfolio provides 100% exposure to Australian – International equities and companies. This has a time frame of 9 years plus. By having your investments fully invested in growth you will experience volatility in your portfolio. We aim to include income producing stocks in the portfolio so dividends can be paid to investors to reinvest or take as income. This suits investors that are looking for long term growth.

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Maximising Returns

Using the latest research to design our asset allocation, we are able to identify the optimal mix of assets for any desired risk profile. It is this optimisation process that sets us apart. While investment advisers may have you 100% invested in Australian Shares, theory tells us we can enhance risk-adjusted returns by diversifying across uncorrelated assets in appropriate weights.

Common sense tells us lower risk portfolios should have a higher weighting in defensive assets like Bonds, whereas higher risk portfolios should have a larger weight in stocks, but it is the process of finding the optimal (most efficient) mix of assets that our science reveals its true value.

A unique approach to portfolio construction on our asset allocation platform allows investors to optimise portfolio exposure across the major global and domestic asset classes with ease. Using our technology as the backbone for portfolio weightings, we assist our clients with investment selection in passive or actively managed stocks, bonds, REITs, ETF’s and Managed Funds.

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Active Management

An Active Management approach to portfolio construction and management involves taking specific sector stock positions within asset class in order to gain exposure. An Active manager aims to outperform the given index or benchmark through careful investment selection. We are able to offer active management services on Domestic and International Equities, Bonds and Listed Properties.

Passive Management

A Passive Management approach is where you don’t want to try and beat the index market depending on your risk profile. By investing with the market, you are not going to miss out on any long term returns but will never outperform or underperform the market. Passive asset investing is recommended when you don’t have any investing experience and are looking for low cost stable returns.  It is better to be a passive investor than not an investor at all.

Investment Allocation and Management Styles

Having a professional asset allocation allows you to access specific investment ideas and themes, and it also allows you to invest the way you want to. This provides flexibility to invest with ethical investments or targeting specific sectors in the market you feel have a great value add. Working with a professional, you can quickly work out what your tolerance to risk is and also how to manage risk within your portfolio.

Angus StewartPrincipal Financial Adviser