Simplify your Super and Maximise your Investments.

Take control of your financial future today with honest and professional advice free from corporate restraints.

We love getting results for our clients and helping them reach their financial goals. Every client is unique and your personal goals will shape a tailored investment plan. At the end of the day we are in the business of helping people not selling to people.

Angus StewartPrincipal Investment Adviser

Importance of Professional Advice.


Angus Stewart is one of Queensland’s most astute and experienced independent wealth management advisers with 10 years’ experience in the market place.


Angus specialises in creating bespoke client portfolios to match their goals and risk profile. He is attributed to using direct investments in Australian and International shares and looks for alternative fund managers to complement his portfolios.


In the current investment environment, it is critical to offer professional advice to clients to ensure that their best interests come first rather than company profits or key products pushed from the big banks.  As an independent in the industry, Angus Stewart has a step up in the market by offering open, honest and tailored advice.


Angus Stewart Investing was born after an expansive career history.  Initially, Angus learnt his craft at top tier firms in both Australia and the UK before running a successful practice within the AMP network with over $50 Million in funds under management.

Why Angus Stewart Investing?

  • Transparent service model where all costs and commissions are clearly stated before proceeding
  • Locally Based in Brisbane/Wide-Bay and Australia wide via telephone or online
  • Personalised advice – every client is unique. We listen to you!
  • Professional advice – not tied to a big bank!
  • Qualified and experienced
  • Wide range of investment strategies and models
  • Self Managed Super help

Areas we specialise in:

  • Financial planning strategies
  • Cash flow management and debt reduction
  • Superannuation & Pension
  • Self Managed super funds
  • Goal Funding
  • Retirement planning
  • Personal insurance (E.g. Income Protection, life insurance etc.)
  • Business insurance (E.g Key Person, buy-sell etc.)
  • Investment & Gearing (Borrowing to invest)
  • Estate Planning Considerations

I have followed Angus’ recommendations over the past 10 years and has allowed me to double my initial Investment of $50,000.

Terry ShortClient

Angus displayed a great knowledge and understanding of my financial goals and gave me excellent professional advice on the steps needed to achieve these. I no longer find my financial future such a daunting idea, I will be seeking his advice in the future. Would recommend to all my friends and family.

Tash CookClient

Angus is an extremely easy person to deal with. He has a real grasp on what he is talking about and provided financial advice that people just don't think about. He was a life saver with superannuation which is far more complicated than I ever thought!

David ChapmanClient

I have always received full attention in a timely and courteous manner from Angus when I have needed it.

Marilyn JensenClient

Angus has been very helpful to us and has gone out of his way to visit us in our new home in Brisbane. His advise is very helpful and easy to understand. He gives us confidence that his advice is in our best interests.

Peter MartinClient

We would recommend Angus advice to anyone who requires assistance in financial matters.

Keryn StaibClient

Angus helped me change my super and pension investment strategy recently to maximize returns.

Glyn PeateyClient

Angus has helped me grow my investment and SMSF portfolio while meeting my cash flow commitments. Advice is clear concise timely and tailored.

Annabelle HirstClient

Angus has given me advice for several years now with regards to life insurance, income protection. superannuation and transition to retirement strategies. Angus always explains things in a clear way. Through Angus's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I usually receive Angus's full care and attention when I need it.

John TootellClient

Angus has always been ready if I need advice he is always available to help.

James HendersonClient

Angus is extremely professional and competent in his field. He gave me the best advice for my current situation and I will recommend his services to all friends and family.

Danielle LodgeClient

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